Floris van Bommel

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Project Description

Miniature model Floris van Bommel

As a great fan of the Floris van Bommel shoes, I initiated to design a model from his collection (model 16074) in silver, executed as a MiniExclusive. I made two versions of this model: one as a key chain, the other as an object to place under a small bell jar. I hand-formed the base of the MiniExclusive in wax. After this, I casted it in silver and built it up manually, resulting in this exclusive miniature.
I gave the MiniExclusive to Floris in person, who was very enthusiastic about it. He decided to offer the miniature as an edition consisting of 30 pieces, to use it as a giveaway in his Van Bommel stores and the Van Bommel ‘Authorized shops’.

Floris van Bommel:

“Are these even key chains? I would rather call it jewelry… I wonder if anyone even dares to hang their keys on them. Apart from that, Joris has made really amazing ‘mini me’s’! We are super happy with the miniatures.”

Project Details