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Project Description

Miniature model pump Gabor

Gabor has been a successful family business for more than 60 years now, with an extensive shoe and bag collection. The company is currently being run by the second-generation Gabor. After personally showing one of my silver miniatures to Achim Gabor, son of founder Joachim Gabor, he decided to have a pump from the collection (model 270) designed as a miniature. For this MiniExclusive, the process is almost the same as for the Van Bommel miniature. First of all, the base is hand-formed in wax. After this I casted the whole in silver and further built it up manually to this exclusive end result.

Achim Gabor:

“Joris showed me one of these exclusive key chains and I fell in love with it right away. What a great concept! It was because of this meeting with Joris that I wanted him to create this exclusive key chain for me. Just look at the stunning result!

Project Details